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The Smartest Deals With Bitcoin Choices For Cash

17 июля 2019, 16:54

The purchase of bitcoins is becoming increasingly popular as an investment, the bitcoin price has already reached unthinkable levels, and bitcoin trading is becoming mainstream. You wish to join the style and purchase bitcoins? "Where can you buy Bitcoin directly and safely?" "How do you deal with Bitcoins?" "Which platform is the best for Bitcoin trading?"

What is the best website to buy bitcoin?

If you want to buy Bitcoin, you need the right website. You can get your coins in many different ways, all with their advantages and disadvantages. The overwhelming number of Internet exchanges makes it hard to find a suitable provider, so you may be prepared for a long search if we did not do it for you. In 2014, only six major crypto-trading sites existed, with more than 200 now.

Sell Bitcoin for cash in Kiev: Payment Methods

The payment methods differ mainly in terms of the platform. If you are trading via an exchange, you will usually be able to trade only cryptocurrency against cryptocurrency. Brokers look different. Here you also have the option to pay by Fiat currency, where you can also use all fast payment methods such as Paypal. Here we go to the main methods to sell Bitcoin in Kiev for Cash https://casherbox.com/en/exchange/bitcoin-btc-to-nalichnyie-usd/.

Credit Card & Debit Card

The most traditional method of online payment in financial services is still the credit card. This has the advantage that the payment with it runs much faster than it is the case with the bank transfer. EToro also offers the payment option, which is also free there. However, you should only pay attention to pay in USD. If you would like to deposit in EUR, a separate conversion fee will apply. All withdrawals on the platform will cost 25 €.


A more and more popular and important payment method worldwide is Paypal. EWallet makes paying for services and products easier than ever before. To pay with eToro Paypal , nothing more is needed than an active account on both platforms. After the payment you can directly access your credit. The fees are the same as for the credit card.

Other ways to get Bitcoin


Buying bitcoin is a variant, mining another. In order to participate in the production itself, the conditions are now quite high. Once Bitcoin Mining is not carried out on a large scale in a location with very low electricity costs, you can hardly benefit from it. Special mining hardware is trying to remedy this. For a long time powerful external devices were needed, while at the beginning even the conventional computer graphics card was sufficient. The most important features of the hardware are besides the energy consumption the price and the hashrates.


If you want to buy Bitcoin, brokers are your best bet. This is mainly due to regulation by the tax authorities they report to. While eToro offers you eleven coins to choose from, Investous with six and Plus500 with seven coins are also doing well. EToro stands out from the competition thanks to its innovative crypto-copy fund , which lets you invest in the most important currencies on the market at the same time through expert assessments. Furthermore, you can copy other traders thanks to the social trading concept. Meanwhile, the benefits of all brokers are that they are compared to the ExchangeDo not need a wallet to store your coins.